Update on “Regulatory Overkill on Highways?”

According to recent news, most drivers who took part in a survey on driving distractions, consider that using a handheld cell phone on the highway is a safety hazard. Here comes the twist, though: a significant percentage of the drivers surveyed also admit to using their … Continue reading

Internet Regulatory Landscape to Change?

The vast, free and increasingly accessible world of communications Internet has been providing so far might undergo a number of changes in the months or first few years to come. Copyright issues, for one, have been around for a while and … Continue reading

Private Racing Sailing Standards: post-mortem of the 2008-09 Vendée Globe race

These crazy yachtsmen in their awesome round-the-world racing 60 footers gathered recently to fine-tune the standards applicable to off-shore sailboat racing in the IMOCA class. The last edition of the Vendée Globe race took its toll, as in the past … Continue reading