Update on “Regulatory Overkill on Highways?”

According to recent news, most drivers who took part in a survey on driving distractions, consider that using a handheld cell phone on the highway is a safety hazard. Here comes the twist, though: a significant percentage of the drivers surveyed also admit to using their … Continue reading

Regulatory Overkill on Highways?

My cellphone is neatly tucked away while driving my car so I will not endanger myself or others according to regulatory wisdom. Meanwhile I am unwrapping a fresh sandwich and opening up the slurping slot on my take-out coffee cup. … Continue reading

Public Policy Making: quality vs. expendiency

An article in the Ottawa Citizen today by Kevin Lynch, the outgoing clerk of the Privy Council, indicates that political expediency, or to put it in more neutral terms, quick responses to the need for new public policies is an … Continue reading