Update on “Regulatory Overkill on Highways?”

According to recent news, most drivers who took part in a survey on driving distractions, consider that using a handheld cell phone on the highway is a safety hazard. Here comes the twist, though: a significant percentage of the drivers surveyed also admit to using their … Continue reading

Regulatory Overkill on Highways?

My cellphone is neatly tucked away while driving my car so I will not endanger myself or others according to regulatory wisdom. Meanwhile I am unwrapping a fresh sandwich and opening up the slurping slot on my take-out coffee cup. … Continue reading

Internet Regulatory Landscape to Change?

The vast, free and increasingly accessible world of communications Internet has been providing so far might undergo a number of changes in the months or first few years to come. Copyright issues, for one, have been around for a while and … Continue reading

Private Racing Sailing Standards: post-mortem of the 2008-09 Vendée Globe race

These crazy yachtsmen in their awesome round-the-world racing 60 footers gathered recently to fine-tune the standards applicable to off-shore sailboat racing in the IMOCA class. The last edition of the Vendée Globe race took its toll, as in the past … Continue reading

Public Policy Making: quality vs. expendiency

An article in the Ottawa Citizen today by Kevin Lynch, the outgoing clerk of the Privy Council, indicates that political expediency, or to put it in more neutral terms, quick responses to the need for new public policies is an … Continue reading

About ‘regulatory documents’ and ‘regulatory environments’

It is often thought that regulatory material is made of requirements, prohibitions and commands issued, and most often published, by governments and their regulatory agencies under Acts (statutes) passed by their respective legislators.  Such material is often referred to as ‘delegated legislation’ or ’subordinate legislation’, or more broadly speaking, ‘regulations’, be … Continue reading