About Etienne Sepulchre, B.A., LL.B.

Etienne Sepulchre

Etienne Sepulchre

Over 25 years combined experience in providing quality legislative drafting and legal editing services, as well as legal revision and legal translation services, mainly to various government entities and public interest bodies involved in Canadian Civil Aviation, transportation and the carriage of goods.

Experience in the regulatory aspects of Transportation Systems, E-filing, Immigration, Real Estate, Public Education and Insolvency.

Ability to assist you with your regulatory needs by collaboratively producing clear, concise and user-friendly material, consistent with applicable rule-making requirements. Ability to write regulatory documents in plain English when requested.

Tactful, flexible, sensitive to policy and regulatory issues, ability to see “the big picture”, attention to details, ability to work under pressure as part of a team, awareness of my role and position within a diverse team.

– B.A. in French and English
– LL.B, University of Ottawa, (1983)
– Postgraduate studies in legislative drafting, including the regulatory process, University of Ottawa, (1992).