Regulatory Overkill on Highways?

My cellphone is neatly tucked away while driving my car so I will not endanger myself or others according to regulatory wisdom.

Meanwhile I am unwrapping a fresh sandwich and opening up the slurping slot on my take-out coffee cup. Coffee ensures I don’t loose my alertness as a driver. They should have put that requirement into law, I say.

Isn’t it nice to be able to prepare breakfast on the roll with total impunity? On any highway, my car is the best place to have a nice breakfast while I scan through various news channels on my surround sound radio system, in search of the latest news. What’s the risk? I’m only driving at 55 mph with good snow tires on a fresh layer of snow. Everyone else is moving along at the same pace on this highway. Where is the beef?

The law says I cannot use my cellphone or do any texting while operating (Is that the same as driving?) a motor vehicle on a public roadway. It so happens I have my car on speed control. Who is the real operator here?

Ban on cellphone use while driving

Among the news items blasted by the radio comes one that makes me want to come to a screeching halt: “Thow shall not do any text-messaging with one hand while driving with the other.”  I am shaken. How can I put my car on auto-pilot while I decipher this news item? A French adage comes back to mind: «Il est défendu de conduire d’une main et de se méconduire de l’autre.»  Sorry, the play on words here would get lost in translation.

The above situational comments serve as a background for a series of news items on the highway cellphone ban issued by TechNewsWorld in recent times.

The last of the three news items provides stats on the actual results, or lack thereof, of such a ban. Here it is for you folks out there to read when not driving, if you are the type that maintains a keen interest in the accuracy of regulatory impact studies.

Just think of the number of distracting events that may occur to the driver and/or operator of a motor vehicle engaged in the movement of highway traffic (I couldn’t have said it in simpler terms.)

You be your own judge.  But, do keep your cellphone tucked away, until the law learns from its own off-the-page damaging distractions, to target the real road hazards.

Drive safely, beyond what the law says you should do or not do.

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