Internet Regulatory Landscape to Change?

The vast, free and increasingly accessible world of communications Internet has been providing so far might undergo a number of changes in the months or first few years to come.

Copyright issues, for one, have been around for a while and need to be addressed; however, governments, various authorities and stakeholders have a number of additional concerns regarding the Internet they wish to address through regulatory change.

In an article titled A crusade against the Internet’s “regulatory uncertainty” , summarizes the situation in a nutshell.

It may be said that regulators do not feel comfortable with uncertainty arising from powerful unregulated entities, even informal* ones such as the Internet.

On the other hand, is this a case where powerful media, such as the Internet, will attract the attention of regulators if they fail to properly regulate themselves?

Highly recommended reading!

*PS: Actually, one might wonder whether or not the Internet is ‘informal’. Simply consider the rise, over the years, of secure log-in procedures and online transactions, as well as the ability for lawyers to quote legal material lifted from the Internet, to name but a few formalized features of the Internet. Briefly stated, the Internet can only be as informal as the information and data it gives access to, or allows to pass on. Agree?

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