Sepulchre Regulatory Aid

Etienne Sepulchre

Etienne Sepulchre

Regulatory Support Services, including:

  • Input in Policy-making
  • Research and Analysis
  • Risk Assessment
  • Problem Solving
  • Legal Writing & Editing
  • Legal Translation & Revision

As a regulatory support specialist and consultant, I cater to regulators and regulated industries alike, mainly in Canada but also in countries with British-based legal systems.

My expertise lies in regulatory development, regulatory policy, regulatory standards and regulatory services in general in both English and French.

More specifically, I can assist you, the regulator, to produce cogent, concise and user-friendly regulatory material, applying my proven research, analytical and writing skills.

On the other hand, if you are a supplier of goods or services, I can apply the same proven skills to assist you to achieve an optimum level of service and profitability in your regulated industry by collaboratively developing, with specialized legal guidance if necessary, a well-defined position and an effective response to rule-making proposals aimed at your activities. I will also assist you by pointing out best practices in regulatory compliance management, possible sources of undue regulatory burden and other regulatory concerns or issues, including foreseeable unintended consequences, for further consideration and action.

Below is a list of services I can provide, either separately or as a package:

  • help identify and clarify regulatory objectives and/or issues;
  • help prepare and write, in English or French, briefing notes, case summaries, consultation papers and policy documents on regulatory issues or matters;
  • draft proposed new or amended Canadian regulatory material, or a proposed new regulatory package, for public consultation or for legal examination by appropriate authorities prior to publication;
  • legal editing of regulatory submissions;
  • legal translation from English to French, or vice versa; and
  • revise Canadian regulatory material in both French and English for consistency of meaning.

My abbreviated résumé outlines my extensive background in regulatory services.